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Return, Refund and Warranty Policy

1) Our commitment is to deliver high-quality products to you, utilizing appropriate packaging materials to ensure that they arrive without any damage during transit. Each item in your order undergoes a thorough manual inspection to guarantee that you receive products free from defects or damage.

2)If you happen to notice minor defects in your product, such as loosely fixed stones or blemishes due to the rigors of long-distance shipping, we recommend fixing them on your end.

3)For major defects or damages, kindly provide us with unboxing video without any cuts along with images for the same within 2 days of receiving your delivery of your product. Upon review of the video and images, if we find that there is significant damage to product, we will replace product (with same product). If we don’t receive the request (regarding damage or defect) within 2 days of your receipt of the product the request will stand cancelled. In case the same product that needs to be replaced is not available, we will issue store credit, same needs to be utilized within the said period.

4) We aim to avoid returns as there have been cases where recipient have used the jewellery/bangles and same have been deliberately sabotaged in order to facilitate returns. However, should a return be necessary, in case of sizing issue or wrong product is shipped. Kindly inform us and also provide us with unboxing video without any cuts along with images for the same within 2 days of receiving your delivery of your product. We will get it picked up from your address, in case we don’t have delivery partners for reverse pick up from your address, you will have to send the same to our address. Once we receive the product, we will send same product with (replaced size) to your address, in case that product is not available we will provide the store credit, same needs to be utilised within the said period.

5) If a parcel is returned to us due to an incorrect or incomplete address, or if the buyer refuses to accept the parcel for any reason or if there is no one to collect the parcel, the shipment will be deemed as cancellation by you (cancellation policy will be applicable).

6) We make every effort to provide comprehensive product information on our product detail page, including details such as product type, dimensions, sizes, colors, and more, in case more information is needed you can get in touch for same. Since we have no minimum order quantity requirements, we recommend starting with a smaller quantity for your initial purchase. Once you’re confident in the product’s quality, you can consider increasing the quantity for your subsequent orders. Additionally, please note that images viewed on electronic devices, which are captured by electronic devices, may appear different from the physical product in hand due to potential photographic limitations.

7) All bangles and Jewellery sold by Mehakjewellerymart/Mehakcurators online/in-store or through WhatsApp or any other medium is imitation Jewellery, unless explicitly stated otherwise. It is our constant endeavor to provide customer with world-class product at best possible price. Unlike precious metal like Gold, Platinum which are least chemically reactive and cost approx. of Rs 60,00,000 per kg, metals used in imitation Jewellery are not even 1/100th their price, hence have no warranties. (Kindly refer General Guidelines for Care, Usage and Storage of Bangles & Jewellery they will serve you long time)

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Cancellation Policy

The terms herein shall establish MehakJewellerymart’s /Mehakcurators cancellation and refund policy regarding orders placed on the MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators website and/or Physical Store/ or through any other medium or application like Whatsapp etc.

I. Cancellation and Refunds by the Company

1. Please be aware that there may be certain orders that we are unable to accept and must cancel. We retain the right, at our sole discretion, to decline or cancel any order for any reason, without any obligation to pay any liability arising out of cancellation of that order. Situations leading to order cancellations may include, but are not limited to inaccuracies or errors in website/whatsapp or instore-purchase by customer, errors related to pricing information,product description issues/ technical issues, or concerns related to credit/debit fraud or any other payment method. Additional verifications or information may be required before accepting any order. We will contact you if any part of your order is canceled, or if extra information is needed to proceed. If we cancel your order after charging your credit/debit card, the refunded amount will be credited to your credit/debit card account.

2. MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators reserves the right to cancel any order, even after it has been shipped, if pricing errors, delivery location issues, product discrepancies, employee mistakes at MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators, unforeseen circumstances, natural disasters, logistics delays, vendor-related errors, incorrect website information, or any other errors or fraudulent activities are detected by the MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators team.

3. Refunds will follow MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators refund policy in the event of a cancellation. Refunds may take some time, and MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators will not be liable for finance charges due to delays. The payment gateway may sometimes take up to 30 days to reflect the payment back into the customer’s account.

4. MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators will not be held responsible for order delays caused by cancellations. Delivery commitments are subject to cancellation and cannot be guaranteed in unforeseen circumstances.

II. Liability in case of Cancellation by the Company

1. MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators assumes no additional liability in the event of order cancellation. The liability is limited to the amount paid by the customer, provided that payment has been received by MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators in MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators bank. MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators is only responsible for refunds made to the bank account of MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators. In the case of “cash on delivery” orders or orders requiring payment after delivery, MehakJewellerymart/Mehko/Mehakcurators is not responsible for any refunds. Notification may be made via phone, WhatsApp, message, or email for such cancellations. If MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators is unable to reach the customer, the order may be marked as canceled in the customer’s account.

2. An order placed on website/whatapp does not amount to confirmation, it is simply request received for the product, MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators after manual review of request checks for feasibility, delivery address, logistics and other parameters after which  MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators goes ahead with fulfilling the order.

3. MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators cannot confirm the product’s price until you place the order. If a product or service is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to technical errors, MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders placed for that product or service. If an item is wrongly priced, MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators may contact you for instructions or cancel the order, and the amount will be refunded to your credit/debit card account if applicable.

4. Prices and product availability on the site are subject to change at the sole discretion of MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators. MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators may revise or discontinue any product or service at any time. If MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators cannot deliver the product on time or at all, or due to incorrect pricing, you will be notified by email, and your order may be automatically canceled. MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators shall not be liable for any damages resulting from order cancellations/non-fulfilment of order or delivery delays.

5. The order confirmation email sent immediately after placing an order is a request for a product from the customer and does not constitute a commitment of sale. MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators manually reviews each request, validates the order, and generates an invoice after considering feasibility, delivery address, and other parameters.

III. Cancellation by You

1. Unless otherwise stated, you are not entitled to cancel orders on MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators free of charge.

2. For canceled or refused orders in the case of Cash on Delivery orders, no refund is provided, and the amount paid in advance for the order shall be forfeited. Subsequent orders may be subject to reconsideration by MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators.

3. For prepaid orders canceled by the customer after the product has been shipped, no refunds will be offered, and the entire payment will be forfeited. Cancellation is not possible for prepaid orders once the products have been shipped.

4. For prepaid orders canceled before the product has been shipped, 50% of the payment will be refunded to the customer. If canceled within 1 hour of placing the order, 80% of the payment will be refunded, provided the goods have not been shipped.

5. An item may be shipped, but the order may not be marked as shipped,or customer may or may not be notified regarding shipping, customer will have to take MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators word regarding the shipping status, as MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators may take up to 12 hours to update information on the website.

6. Refunds will be processed using the same payment method used for the order or any other method which will be as per discretion of MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators. Payment gateway charges are not refunded to the customer in cases of order cancellation by the customer or MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators, as these charges are paid to the payment gateway and not to MehakJewellerymart/Mehakcurators.

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General Guidelines for Care, Usage and Storage of Bangles & Jewellery



– Avoid exposure to chemicals: Keep your imitation bangles and jewellery away from chemicals such as perfume, hairspray, and lotions, as they can tarnish or damage the pieces.

– Minimize contact with water: Remove your jewellery before bathing, swimming, or doing the dishes to prevent water damage and discoloration.

– Clean regularly: Wipe your bangles and jewelry with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt and sweat. Dry them thoroughly afterward.

– Protect from impact: Handle your jewelry with care and avoid dropping it, as imitation pieces may be more fragile than genuine ones.

– Store separately: Keep your bangles and jewelry in individual pouches or compartments to prevent them from scratching against each other.


Occasional wear: Imitation jewelry is best suited for occasional wear. Avoid continuous, long-term use to maintain its appearance.

– Match with outfits: Coordinate your imitation bangles and jewelry with your clothing to enhance your overall look.

– Remove before sleep: Take off your jewelry before going to bed to prevent damage and discomfort.

– Be mindful of activity: Avoid wearing your jewelry during physically demanding activities or sports.


– Dry and cool place: Store your bangles and jewelry in a dry, cool environment away from direct sunlight, which can cause fading.

– Anti-tarnish solutions: Consider using anti-tarnish strips or pouches when storing your jewelry to prevent tarnishing.

– Jewelry box or organizer: Invest in a jewelry box or organizer with compartments and soft lining to keep your pieces safe and organized.

– Separate by type: Store necklaces, bracelets, and earrings separately to prevent tangling and damage.

– Check and reorganize: Periodically inspect your jewelry for damage, and reorganize your storage to prevent clutter and tangling.

Remember that the specific care and storage requirements may vary based on the materials used in your imitation bangles and jewelry, these are common practices followed to increase longevity and durability of imitation bangles and jewellery. (NOT EXHAUSTIVE LIST BUT GENERAL GUIDELINES)

NOTE:- Words Jewellery and Bangles are used interchangeably.