Mehko Plastic Bangles Set for Kids

Original price was: ₹2,100.00.Current price is: ₹1,800.00.

Mehko Plastic Bangles collection, featuring a wide range of designs and styles to complement your look. These bangles are a fusion of elegance and durability, perfect for various occasions. Check out the amazing features of our plastic bangles:

– Plastic Bangles Set: Create a coordinated look with our plastic bangles sets. Mix and match to suit your style.

These plastic set bangles come with Golden foil and are made up  of virgin plastic granules. There are various design prints patterns in these plastic bangles set.




Mehko Plastic Bangles are available are in Small size. Plastic Bangles set in Big size can also be made available

They are sold in wholesale quantity,  thappi to thappi, and 1 thappi comprises of 30 boxes and have 2 colors A and B.

Note:- Prices mentioned are for 30 boxes.

Product images has multiple Plastic Bangles design, at the time of the order we can share specific/relevant design to complete the order.


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