Mehko Pearl Moti Traditional Bangles

1,236.00 Incl GST

The timeless allure of Mehko Pearl Moti Traditional Bangles, a symbol of elegance and tradition that seamlessly marries the richness of pearls with the sophistication of gold-plated matte polish. As a reputable manufacturer of pearl moti bangles, Mehko takes pride in offering a classic collection that effortlessly combines heritage with contemporary style.

These traditional pearl bangles are adorned with lustrous pearls, each carefully selected to enhance the overall beauty of the piece. The gold-plated matte polish adds a touch of opulence, creating a perfect harmony between classic and modern aesthetics. The meticulous craftsmanship ensures durability, making these bangles a cherished addition to any jewelry collection.

For those seeking quality at a larger scale, Mehko proudly presents Pearl Moti Bangles at wholesale prices. The wholesale option allows retailers and enthusiasts alike to access this exquisite collection at a cost-effective price point, providing an opportunity to elevate their inventory with these timeless pieces.

Whether you’re looking to embrace tradition or add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble, Mehko Pearl Moti Traditional Bangles are the epitome of grace and style. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in the allure of traditional pearl bangles, meticulously crafted with precision and available at wholesale rates. Elevate your collection with Mehko’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

  • The Mehko Pearl Moti Traditional Bangles is conveniently packaged in sets, with each box containing a total of 12 pairs.
  • The box offers a mix of sizes to cater to various preferences, size are 2.8, 2.6, and 2.4.
  • The rates mentioned apply to the entire box, providing a cost-effective option for purchasing in bulk.
  • This structure allows for easy inventory management and ensures a diverse selection of sizes to meet customer preferences.


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